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Necron Rumors-kurz und knackig

August / September 2011, possible GW June announcement

• Necrons become cheaper point wise.
• WBB tweaked (it wasnt like before but it stil kept the flavour of them)


Necron maladies:
• Flayer disease (can grant fleet of foot, furious charge) interpretation FoD
• Destroyer curse (can grant fearless, feel no pain) interpretation FoD

• Crypteks Rod
• Lords Staff
• Lords Warscythe
• Veil of Darkness
• Chronometron
• Phase Shifter
• Night Shroud
• Resurrection Orb (with better version on specific lord)


Weaponary / army abilities
• Warscythes (ignore Inv saves)
• Living metal is changing, but if anything its getting better. Kinda
• Unlike what people have been saying, not all gauss weapons are rending.
• Necron are not fearless or stubborn. interpretation FoD
• Possible SaP for some units or granted by Res Orb



Named Lords:
• Lord - The Enfleshed - Sahtah - Flayed Ones (troops?)
• Lord - The Undying - Izarvaah – Immortals (troops?), Warriors, Wraiths interpretation FoD
• The Silent King ? interpretation FoD
• Lord - Voidbringer - Tahek - Warriors, Wraiths interpretation FoD
• Lord - Stormcaller - ? – Wraiths interpretation FoD
• Cryptec - Architect - Ankh the Herald of Dismay - Scarabs, Tomb Spyder, Tomb Stalker, Tomb Wraiths interpretation FoD

(one of them is 240 pts worth, cc specialist vs 2+)

Random Lords
• Anti psyker guy. Pariah ?
• Psyker counterpart guy. Cryptek ?

No C'tans

• Flayed Ones (‘insane abilities’)
• Immortals - large (35mm) base; they are redesigned as larger, bulkier and more dynamic (plastic kit)
• Pariahs - overhaul into Lord retinue (second wave)



• Warriors - no re-cut, possible additional sprue, yellow, orange, red, green rods, possible mark system. (10 per box)
• Scarab Swarms


Fast Attack

• Destroyers - redone, new weapon options (Gauss cannons or Tesla beams interpretation FoD) (plastic kit, 1 per box)
• Wraiths (are nasty, deepstrike, 3-5 per unit.)
• New CC unit ?
• No Jump infantry


Heavy Support
• Monolith (about same costs)
• Necromancer - Resurrection, Warscythe, Gauss smthn... (plastic kit, 1 per box)
• Tomb Spyders - 3 different builds (plastic kit, 1 per box)
• Gauss-Obliterators - long range artillery units.
• Heavy gauss cannon platform with crew (fast, skimmer) (instead of heavy destroyers).
• Pylon ? interpretation FoD

(Anm:FoD ist ein Buch von der Black Library, Fall of Damnos. Viele der dort gezeigten/erzählten Dinge haben es sichtlich in den Codex geschafft in der einen oder anderen Form!)

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