Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Erste konkretere Daten für die neuen Imps

Ohne lange Worte, hier gleich die neuesten "Gerüchte" :)

"Commissar rules about the execution is real: 1-2 opponent choose, 3+ you pick.

Fire on my Target now grants ignore cover instead of re-rolling successful cover saves. Bring it down gives monster/tank hunter instead of twin-linked.

Officer order range is 12inch for both senior and junior. Senoirs get 2 orders/turn instead of 1.
Creed gets 2 Warlord trait, that you can roll in 2 different warlord chart if you want.

Straken gets automcatically the one granted relentless; Harcker lost feel no pain (T3 blargh) but is also relentless (and no word that only he's got it, so you get a squad of relentless vet for +55pts)

Heavy flamer is 10pts; and (har har!) if vets don't take it, they can still sport 3 Special Weapons instead of 2.

Power fist/weapon are still 25/15 pts.

Ratlings can now shoot and run in the same shooting phase.

Heavy Weapons team are 45 pts, but since you MUST take 3 heavy weapons, the cheapest being mortars at 5 pts, there's no price change. Scout Sentinels are still 35 pts.

CCS are 60pts.
Tank commander are 30, +40 for Pask
Creed is 80, Straken is 130, gains monster hunter, smash, but 6 inch counter-charge/furious charge bubble

Platoon didn't change in price. Vets are 60.

Yes, Executiooner gains Gets Hot for main weapon..

Deathstrike can't fire first round, blast is apocalyptic blast

1-Hydra got 2 twin-linked Hydra autocannon, (Heavy 2 skyfire) for 70, open-topped.

2-Creed can issue 3 orders/turn, failed orders MUST be re-rolled; he also go 2 hot-shot laspistol, no word on being twin-linked, so gunsligner.base for him; Kell makes a unit take the order's Ld test on his Leadership (which is 8) ONLY when he's with Creed. Kell also got the bodyguard rule (Look out -arghh!) and Sworn protector (got to do a glorious intervention when he can and auto passes the test) 80Creed/75Kell cost

3-Nork got Sworn Protector rule as well, FnP, Hammer of Wrath, look out Arrgh, Stubborn, Very bulky (no is dark in 'ere rules for him or the other 'Gryns as well) Heroic Sacrifice as the old codex (can re-roll to hit/to wound on that as well), can exchange his normal attacks in melee (4) for a single headbutt, giving +3 Str, AP3, concussive. 85 for Nork

4-Basic is 150
Exterminator 130
Vanquis 135
Eradicator 120
Demo 170
Punisher 140
Execu 155.

Lascanon in the hull is 10 pts, so at least it's cheaper...
10 HF sponson
20 HB
20 MM
30 plasma canons

Also, you can do Sarge, any sarges, a gunsligner; he can take any itemS (notice the S) from the ranged Weapons list (Vet is melee AND ranged) the only basic gear that specifically states he is replacing is his CCW. for a power weapon (Vet got no specification)

Arty is only the Wyvern and the Earthshaker/Mandicore (+10 pts) and Deathstrike (no change)

Heavy Flamer is not in the special weapons lists, it is an added line in the unit's gear choice (as only CCS, PCS and vets can take it) but still count as a special weapons; hence why Vets can take 3 specials if they forgo the Heavy Flamer

Hellounds and variants are back
Hell: 125
Dog 135
Wolf: 130
Multi-melta is 10 pts

Vet Sgts, can't issue orders.

Heavy Weapons costs are the same...Missile launcher is still 15 pts, +10 for flakk missiles...conscripts are like the old codex; no special weapons, 3 pts a pop, still part of a platoon. SWS starts at 30.

Sgts can't take lasGUNS; only bolt pistol/gun and plasma pistols.

As for competitive..not much changed..the orders are actually better in my opinion (got to try it first of course) the Warlords Traits are nice, short of one (CCS gains relentless..'wow') the fact that even junior officer can turn a IS with spit fire, precision shot and shoot+run is nice. base 12 inch range for everyone will mean the PCS will actually be used for more than a turn 5 objective cleaner..OH!

The old Grav chute insertion; it now happens when the Val/Ven moves MORE THAN 6 inches instead of flat out..."

Dienstag, 25. März 2014


Wir alle kennen ja bereits die Bilder, jetzt gibts es dazu auch ein paar Regeln. Die lesen sich nicht so schlecht, ob sie den Einsatz dieser "schönen" Autos wert sind wird sich weisen ;)
Aber lest selbst:

Imperial Guard Week 1 Releases

March 29th for Preorder
April 5th Streetdate

Taurox/Taurox Prime APC : $48 (1 vehicle)
Scions: $35 (5 models)


Scions (5 models): WS3 BS4 S3 T3
Hotshot Lasguns, Carapace
Squad upgrades: Plasma, Melta, Hotshot Volleyguns
Deep Strike, Move through Cover
Dedicated Transport: Chimera, Taurox, Taurox Prime

Scions Command Squad (5 models): WS3 BS4 S3 T3
Hotshot Lasguns, Carapace
Squad upgrades: Plasma, Melta, Hotshot Volleyguns
Deep Strike, Move through Cover
Medic, Vox, Banner Upgrades
Squad leader (Tempestor): Ld:9 with 18" Ld bubble. Can issue 1 order.
Dedicated Transport: Chimera, Taurox, Taurox Prime

AV: 11/10/10
Reroll Difficult Terrain tests
Transport Capacity: 10

Taurox Prime
AV: 11/10/10
Reroll Difficult Terrain tests
Transport Capacity: 10
Choice of:  Taurox Battle Cannon (S7 AP4, Blast)
Taurox Gatling Cannon (S4 AP-- Heavy10) +10pts
Taurox Missile Launcher (Cyclone clone) +20pts