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Grey Knight Codex

Hallo alle zusammen und gleich vorweg ein riesengroßes sorry. Nachdem wir leider nach dem starken Jänner im Moment gröbere Probleme haben, den Blog mit aktuellen News (oder generell Berichten,Bildern..was weiß ich was) zu versorgen, gibt es als Entschädigung dafür die Grey Knight Übersicht inklusive der ersten Punktkosten die durchgesickert sind.
Was hier also auf den nächsten paar Zeilen steht wird sich mit 99% Wahrscheinlichkeit auch so im Codex wiederfinden. Also lauscher aufgesperrt, hier kommt ein tiefer Einblick in das,was uns erwarten wird!
Ansonsten(um noch ein wenig die Spannung zu vertiefen) erwartet und nächstes Wochenende bereits Salzburg und damit auch wieder jede Menge Turnierkram. Ich bitte daher um ein wenig Geduld, aber ich verspreche, ihr werdet nicht allzusehr enttäuscht sein ;)

Special Characters:
Lord "Draigo" LR cost.
Draigo is a GK Grandmaster and is very nasty. (Eternal, t5, 5 attacks, psyker mastery 2, strength 10 sword vs daemons/psykers

Squad granted initiative 10
-Jaws like power which removes models from play without any save. template vs line, but no MC modifier for initiative
-selected unit is grabbed and brought near libby with deep strike rules
-Power which makes units within certain range take difficult/dangerous terrain test.

Grand Master "Mordrack" Storm Raven Cost
Brother Captain Stern
Castellan Crowe

3 named inquisitors Valeria,coteaz and karamazov. Coteaz is a daemon hunter inq, kara is the witch hunter and val is the xenos inq. They are armed acordingly.
Deamon hosts are in as henchmen as are death cult assassins and psykers.
An inquisitor (not sure if its named or not) takes 3-12 henchmen

(Inquisitor special character)
Inquisitor Stats with some special abilities.

Dijin Blade (literally,just called something else)
Some forcefield and a cool. Lucas the trickster style ability based on a remaining wounds test... or die.

The Ghost terminators are nice as well. With stealth.... they are bought as an upgrade retinue to another special character and are 32pts a piece. And when the character takes a wound... (i think he has 3 or 4) then another terminator arrives out of nowhere to protect him... hehe.

There is a nasty special character with a storm shield but SS seems to be lacking on a whole.

Brother Captain Stern Level 2:
Zone of Banishment: During his assault phase. All models friend and foe, within D6" (not stern), must take a strength test or be dragged into the warp... deamons re roll successful tests. These casualties do not count towards combat.

Castellan Crowe Level 1:
Heroic Sacrifice
Cleansing Flame

Inquisitor Corteaz (100pts) Mastery 2:
Mind Blades

Pretty much all of the named characters come with special anti-daemon abilities. One of the SCs has wargear that causes any daemons who deep strike within 12" to suffer a mishap, for example.

Grand Master
Grand Master rumoured to pick D3 units during deployment and giving them a special rule:
Makes them scoring (kinda neat for dread and or elite paladins)
Makes them re roll 1s to wound all game
Makes them have counter attack USR.
Makes them Scout
All these units are affected by the one choice.

Psychic communion - take test, if successfull GK player can modify reserve rolls by +1 or -1 and you can choose to modify after each roll.

Brother Captain
Psychic communion - take test, if successfull GK player can modify reserve rolls by +1 or -1 and you can choose to modify after each roll.

Brotherhood Champion
(level 1)
Heroic Sacrifice- during either players assault phase, when the "chaplain" is taken off as a casualty. Is passed, make one attack against any one model that he was in B2B with. If the attack hits, the model is also removed as a casualty with no saves... if the attack misses then no effect. Remember he is WS 7...

Librarian (mastery level 2) 150pts Can upgrade to level 3 for +50:
Each purchased power is +5 pts, but he comes with hammerhand for free.

Grandmaster: 6 6 4 4 3 5 3 10 2+

Brother Captain is the same minus a BS point.

Libbies, see GM stat line -1 WS -2 BS -1W -1I -1A

What, no one cares about the Brotherhood Champion? For shame!

BC and GM can take Psycannon, Incinerator, Psilencer, Servo Skulls (Up to 3), Blind Grenades, meltabombs, digi weapons, psybolt ammo, empyraen brain mines, psychostroke or rad grenades, and an Orbital Strike Relay. Oh and MC weapons. And all three are alll in Termi armour.

Inquisitor Corteaz
Inquisitor Karamazov
Inquisitor Valeria
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor

The inquisitors are one statline. The different options are just wargear and upgrades that fit their role. Inquisitors are about the cost of a current GK.
2. 443334310 4+ Stubborn, IC. (25pts)
(Vanilla) Inquisitors are not psykers.

Inquisitor Coteaz allows you to have Henchman warbands as troops. There are NO Inquisitorial Stormtroops, but you can take Warrior Acolytes who you can arm with Hot-Shot Lasguns if it makes you feel any better. It's a meh option at best. Crusaders Squad spam is going to be extremely prevalent I fear. You can take them as troops for plasma pistol cost per Crusader. Storm Shields and Power weapons. Each. It's going to be a mess.

-Valeria has a LOOOOOT of equipment. Here it is:
-She's an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor
-Also, Stubborn
-Stats: 4 4 3 3 3 4 3(5) 10 3+
-Power Armour; Frag, Krak, & Psyk-Out Nades; Laspistol
-Graviton Pistol: Range: 12" Strength: 10 AP: 1 Type: Pistol, One Shot
-Jacked it from an Alien Weaponsmith in the Ultima Segmentum apparently.
-Runes of Destiny: ALL (Armour or invul) Successful saves against her shooting or CC attacks must be rerolled.
-Eldar Runes she's taken over her career, but she ain't got no wraithbone batteries to make em work at full power
-Dagger of Midnight: Grants +2A (Included in profile) that MUST be rolled with different colored dice (Or separate I suppose) because if she rolls doubles with them, the attacks hit her instead.
-Stole this from an Eldar Pirate's corpse. Apparently the dagger is "controlled by a rebellious and bloodthirsty intelligence". Please perform an "Oogedy boogedy boo" after reading that.
-Hyperstone Maze: Can be used once per game in lieu of her CC attacks. Must be directed towards a character or MC in B2B contact. Target must roll a d6 and roll equal to or below their remaining wounds or be "trapped in the maze forever" AKA removed from play.
-Multi-faceted emerald that leads to a spooky sub-dimension, apparently
-Forceshield: 4+ Invul save
-Hand-mounted forcefield thingy.


mastery 1
Reconstruction- Start of TM movement, may re roll any repair roll.

Purifier Squad
Purifiers = Grey Knights that have a lot of anti horde options, they are the ones with the power that will do a wound on every engaged enemy model in cc on 4+.

Cleansing Flame- Start of the assault in any player turn. All enemy -models- that are a part of the same assault suffer a wound on a 4+ before any blows are struck. Casualties count towards combat resolution.

Venerable Dreadnought
Fortitude- if passed (at start of GK turn) Nullifies any shaken stunned results.

-And yes, VenDreads are the only ones with Reinforced Aegis

Paladin Squad
Paladins are Ws5 55pts apoth + 75. min squad size of 1. Yes, paladins are indeed 2 wounded terminator armour greyknights. With allocation (thanks to wargear) they will be a tough unit... and for +15 points over a regular terminator! yes please... and the grand master can make them scoring oh yes!. (they can have an apothecary in the squad) Brotherhood Banner (terminator and paladin squads)
Paladin Options:
Force Halberds
Nemesis Deamon Hammers
Pair of Nemesis Falcions
Nemesis Warding Stave
Banner of Brotherhood
Entire unit can have psybolt ammunition
Any model can make any weapon Master Crafted at +5 pts per weapon.

Holocaust- 12" Str5 Ap- Large Blast

Callidus- 145
Eversor- 130
Vindicare- 145

8 8 4 4 2 7 4 10 4+ Assassin stat line.
The assassins have one singular "fluff" entry, that states their generic rules... 6+ FNP, Dodge Save etc... and then one page with the rules for each one (i think) stating wargear and rules. I do not believe they take up a slot.

Vindicare was very memorable....pick out opponents models for would allocation, can take out Inv save....for the entire game. Always wounds on 2+

Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband
The unit is 3-12 and does not take up an elite.
ArcoFlagelant - FNP, CCwpn
Banisher- Can take eviscerator, units of deamons within 6" of him re roll succesful inv saves (ala nullzone)
Crusader- PW, SShield
Deamonhost- Lots of crazy stuff. No time to elaborate now.
DeathcultAssassin- 5+ invul, 2 PW.
Servitor- cheap, come with HB or MMelta for free. Can upgrade to PC (up to 3) will mindlock if no inquisitor is present.
WeaponSmith- Mini obliterator ( can pick, lascannon, mmelta, hflamer) Also adds bonus to the unit roll d6 add +1 for each after first.
1- no effect
2- +12" to the range of all guns
3- armoursaves improved by one
4- all shooting weapons are rending.
5- all models gain 5+ invul
6- "the works" roll twice on the table, apply both results. No result can be taken twice.
Mystic- basically a living teleport homer.
Psyker- power is the blast weapon power form the IG PBS.
WarriorAcolyte- guardsman grunt

Grey Knight Terminator Squad

44441429 terminator armour. 200pts for 5...
Terminators equipped with frag and krack grenades. Brotherhood Banner (terminator and paladin squads)

Special Upgrade Character - Justicar Thawn
The terminator upgrade character special rule "i shall not yield" basically a 4+ WWB for the character.

Grey Knights Strike Squad (the regular GK's)
44441418 3+ at 1/5 of 100pts each.
Warp Quake- Start of GK movement phase, lasts till GK start of next movement. All enemy teleport homers stop working, any enemy unit that deep strikes within 12" of the strike squad will suffer a mishap.


-For every five:
-Psilencer (Free!)

-All the Nemesis weapons (Any model!)
-Various point costs

-Psybolt Ammo
-Personal Teleporters
-Justicar can MC any of his weapons

how useful do you see PAGK being?

IMO very useful. Their power against deep strikers it better than the old mystics... two squads spread out give you a good 48" bubble of anti deep striking shenannigans... means your land raiders will be safe from DS'ing meltaguns... etc. The storm bolters make them good torrent of fire units and supported by dreadnoughts, and librarians with awesome powers.. they will the the grunts of the force and they are cheaper than they used to be... and can be upgraded to fulfill different roles... with a full 10 man squad comming in at 200pts I think they are an absolute bargain.

Bestial - Do you know by chance how much personal teleporters will be for GK strike squads? 6 pts per model.

Fortitude- if passed (at start of GK turn) Nullifies any shaken stunned results.
Fortitude- if passed (at start of GK turn) Nullifies any shaken stunned results.

Storm Raven is 5pts more than BA counterpart. But has psy power that allows it to ignore shaken and stunned. 1 fast attack option. the storm raven. cost 205 points ???? not sure why.
Fortitude- if passed (at start of GK turn) Nullifies any shaken stunned results.

Possible other unit
Don't think they are the same as the current version [teleporting FA unit], they don't deepstrike on turn 1, though they can, it's similair to the upgrade ability Marshal showed, with a few extras (On top of being able to deepstrike on turn 1 that is). (what those extras are, my contact didn't know.)

Heavy Support:
Purgation Squad
purgation... same as before... 4 weapons, 20pt psycannon, free incinerators, and psilencers (whatever those are)
Cost of GK unit as they are GK's, just with weapons.
Astral Aim- Shooting Phase, unit and attached characters may fire at any unit in range regardless of LOS. Target automatically gains 4+ cover that can't be modified.

Fortitude- if passed (at start of GK turn) Nullifies any shaken stunned results.
Dred info:
115 points
comes with MM and nemisis doomfist+ SB
smk launchers

psychic pilot
the aegis
reinforced aegis
PE- daeoms

Psy power: fortitude (belive it ignors shaken and stunned)

replace MM for twin linked, HF,HB,AC or plasma cannon/assult cannon or TL LC
replace Doomfist with: TL AC or ML

serch light
psybolt ammo
psyflame ammo
warp stablisation field
true silver armour
extra armour
Meltagun (p99 40k 5th)
Multi-Melta (p99 40k 5th)
Melta Bombs (p63 40k 4th)

Nemesis Dreadknight (MC)
Dreadknight cost of vendetta:
t7 w4 2+sv/ 4+inv with lots of weapon upgrades including the heavy psycannon and super incinerator.


MC, Dreadknight armour as armour (deepstrike 2+sv/4++) So im assuming he is a buffed up terminator Mephyston style. Can be given a personal teleporter (making him jump infantry and move up to 30" once per game for about the cost of a Dark Angel Land Speeder Typhoon)..
S7 WS 5

3A and 2 CC.

No one knows where they come from, be it Xenos or Dark Age of Technology stuff. The GKs basically refuse to say and tell everyone to F off who asks where they came from. They're basically used as Jes said on Warseer, to go toe to toe with big nasties like Daemon Princes and such. And apparently this thing is super hard to master so that's why we don't see more.

Land Raider (and variants, including redeemer)
Fortitude- if passed (at start of GK turn) Nullifies any shaken stunned results.

Special Rules:

Combat Squads
Aegis (units targeted by powers, enemy psyker at -1ld for test) Units within 12" of a GK dreadnought targetted by powers psyker is at -4 "reinforced aegis"

also a lot of units can be upgraded with psybolt ammunition. Whatever that is... 20pts for the entire unit of GK's
No shrouding. As far as I know... but now GK's can have rhinos and razorbacks.

Nemesis force weapons ( I have no idea)... units are armed with nemesis swords. And units can upgrade any models to have force halberds at xpoints. the Halberd I believe adds 1 Initiative.

No drop pod. But GK strike squads are supposed to be able to take personal teleporters. This makes them jump infantry. And once per game it is rumored to allow them to make a 30" move, just move... not a on table deep strike. they Can shoot when they do this, but not charge.

But all GK vehicles are phykers... their go to power is to "cure" shaken or stunned at the start of a GK turn.
No gizmos to re roll saves... although there are these "brotherhood banners" for units.. so who knows maybe a re roll all ones a la spacewolf?

- Psyker Pilots
- Brotherhood of psykers
- Psyker Mastery Levels
- Preferred Enemy Deamons3. So far i don't know... other than the inquisitorial henchmen mobs, and the dreadnoughts/landraiders/stormravens. Squad based AT seems limited.

nemesis weapons, as far as i know are force weapons. However, because of how brotherhood of psykers works (a unit casts a psychic power as a singular entity) i believe this means that only one weapon can become a force weapon per turn (if you so choose to use it over hammerhands), and the rest are power weapons. Still, nothing to sneeze at.

-nemesis halberd: +1 initiative
-nemesis daemonhammer: +1 strength
-nemesis falchions: Force lightning claws
]-nemesis warding stave: Power weapon that conveys a 2++ invulnerable save. (i know. Madness.) they\'re 25-20 points per depending on the squad.
-daemonhammer - this entry confuses me. There\'s both a nemesis daemonhammer and a regular daemonhammer, but as far as i know, this one is a thunderhammer with daemonbane.

Falchions are taken in PAIRS as in the entry is "A pair of Nemesis Falchions" so yeah. I think Stormbolters act as pistols for the GKs as per the previous codex. Nemesis Force Sword is just a power weapon as far as I know. That was what it looked like when I last paged through the armoury section. Plus, why would Halberds and Nemesis Daemonhammers cost +5 points then? They'd be free as a tradeoff.

Psychic Powers:

Smite- See C:SM

Quicksilver- Begining of own movement. Unit within 6" gains I 10 till end of turn.

Warp-Rift- Flamer Template JOTWW

Might of Titan- Beggining of librarians assault phase. Unit within 6" gains +1 str and extra D6 armour pen vs vehicles. Bonus is cumulative with hammerhand (yes, that means that S6 2D6 armour pen GK's is a go!..)

The Shrouding- Opponents shooting phase. All units within 6" benefit from stealth. And have 6+ cover even if in the open (so 5+ in the open and 3+ in most other cases)

Mind Blades- Start of any assault phase. Pick enemy unit within 6", they loose 1 toughness for the remainder of the assault.

Vortex of Doom- see C:SM

Sanctuary- Any enemy assault phase. Enemy units assaulting any GK unit within 12" of the librarian treat all terrain (including open ground) and difficult and dangerous terrain.

The Summoning- Librarian movement. Pick a friendly non vehicle unit. Place them within 6" of the librarian using the DS rules. any friendly unit on the battlefield not locked in combat.

each level [of psychic mastery] is number of powers you can use per turn.

The GK psyker rule states that the justicar is the one to take the hit. If not then one randomly determined member does. anything that targets psykers specifically.


  1. es gibt noch mehr info ..Grand Master "Mordrack" der die Geistertermis macht muss 1 W3 würfeln wenn er eine wunde nimmt (hat 4 Leben) wenn er seine aktuelle Lebensanzahl überwürfelt kommt ein ghost termi dazu...die leben aber nur solange wie er lebt...somit macht man damit 1-2 termis maximal und wenn er stirbt sind sie weg..also bei der 2. wunde die er kassiert muss man 5+ würfeln bei der 3. 3+ und dann ist er tot wie die termis auch...also nicht so prall

  2. find ich immer noch ganz gut. generell lässt sich imho sagen das es ein guter codex wird aber kein überragender. das alle psioniker sind find ich ein wenig strange,wird vorallem gegen eldar ein sehr interessantes spiel dann :D
    ansonsten sind die punktekosten einfach angepasst worden und der codex mehr ein allrounder als vorher.

  3. sieht ganz gzt aus finde ich, ich als MC-Freund freu mich auf den Dreadknight, aucu wenn der Name etwas... seltsam gewählt ist^^
    andererseits, ich bin auch Dämonenspieler, aus der Sparte pisst mich das mit dem PE gegen mich schonmal an, find ich nen bisschen happig, vor allem den Misshaper-SC, das muss echt nich sein...